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Please help us understand twins, triplets, etc. and race differences between them.

We know that Asian families have fewer multiple births than white European families.  Whites have fewer multiple births than families of African ancestry.   No one really knows how the differences happen.  The old stories make some sense but have never been proven.  We know very little about multiple births in the Hispanic peoples of Central and South America.

We want to know more about having multiple births and being part of multiples among all kinds of families.  You can help us  by completing our on-line survey and by encouraging any multiple-birth family you know to join in, especially if either parent is not of White European ancestry.

Before you attempt to answer our survey, there are some things you should know.

1.  This survey is easier than it looks (very few of you have ten children or seven siblings, but we made room for answers if you do, and that makes the survey look harder than it is).

2.  The survey will take about half an hour if you know all the answers, a little more to stop and check your memory or your records, or to make some calls to be sure.  We suggest you scan the survey, make note of any answers you don't know, and try to find the answers before you attempt to complete the survey on-line.  You may prefer to print out the survey or download it (worksheet), work it out off-line, and return to the on-line survey inorder to complete and submit your information. 

3. Take your carefully. 

4.  We are concerned mostly with the biology of multiples and some things that may travel in families with it.  Some non-traditional family structures may make it seem complicated to answer properly.  We have tried to arrange the survey to take those situations into account.

5.  Questions about the parents of your multiples should be answered for their biological parents (if known).  If one or the other is not around, and you don't know the answers, please ask the absent parent if at all possible.

6.  Write in the comments box anything that makes it really difficult or impossible to answer reasonably - if we can figure a way to make it work, we'll call and try to clear it up.

7.  Please do let us know how we can contact you (there's space for you to do this at the end of the survey).  We need your help.   We will never share your answers with anyone without your permission.

Thanks for your help with this important project.   Now click on the button below and begin the survey.


On-Line Survey